Peer Review

First of all, I’m very interested in your topic of study. To be honest, I don’t know the process of water circulation very well. I see that your study topic is prepared for second-grade students. I will regard myself as … Read More


  1. What kind of interaction would the video require from your students? Does it force them to respond in some way (inherent)? First of all, we searched for a lot of videos about COVID-19. This video is what I … Read More

Learning Design

Inclusive learning means that all students (including those with severe disabilities) have equal opportunities to receive the education services stipulated by the state, obtain the necessary additional auxiliary and support services, and enroll nearby at an appropriate age so that … Read More

YangYang’ blog

My name is Yang Yang. My major is economics. This is my last semester in UVic. I come from Ningxia, China. My hometown is the place of the Muslim minority, so there are many mosques in my hometown. This is … Read More